Hybrid Vehicle Ownership – Pros & Cons

Before you take the plunge on a new or used hybrid vehicle, it’s a great idea to sift through the hype and facts..both good and bad. How do you weight things out? First, a little research and opinion seeking…just like you’re doing right now. Here’s a perspective from a highly experienced auto mechanic…that relies heavily on giving customers good advice and keeping them happy. Here are some top Pros and Cons, offered as help to make a decision for your personal situation.

Hybrid Ownership – PROS:

  • Fuel Efficiency –  Most hybrid vehicles do get better mileage, and with the rising costs of gas, this is certainly a “hot button” for a lot of people.  They work by storing energy that is “wasted” during braking in the batteries for further use.
  • Environmental Friendliness – Because of a decreased requirement for gasoline, these vehicles are looked at as “green” or environmentally friendly.
  • Performance Efficiency – This is due to the fact that hybrids use two forms of power. When you are driving around town, you use the gasoline combustible engine.  When you are driving freeway speeds, you switch over to the electrical engine.
  • Tax Benefits – Incentives offered by Governments in the form of tax benefits…and in some countries, roads & highways made for the exclusive use of hybrid cars.

Hybrid Ownership – CONS:

  • Cost – Hybrids cost a lot more than a traditional vehicle and is one reason that most people give for not purchasing a hybrid in the near future.  The high price is due to the battery technology as well as the fact that hybrids require two types of engines. Most people simply don’t have the initial funds to put into a hybrid vehicle.
  • Resale Value – A big deal.  In a country where many people trade vehicles every few years, the resale value of a hybrid goes down quickly because their very expensive batteries must be replaced every ten years.
  • Hybrid Batteries – the key green and differentiating factor…hybrid batteries eventually need to be disposed of (and recycled, of course). This is where they become a whole lot less “green”.

Hybrid Ownership – NEUTRAL:

  • Insurance – in most cases of hybrid vehicles…there’s little or no difference in insurance costs compared to non-hybrids.

Hybrid vehicles are moving down the right track and improving each year, but as in any major purchasing decision, get past the hype and become an informed consumer.

Here’s another video from a slightly differing perspective…offering more PROS & CONS: